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Welcome Message from Music Director

  orget all the pomp and ceremony often associated with classical music and performing arts and be a guest of our classical music events where music lovers and musicians meet, chat and share music in the comfortable environment of a café, an art gallery, a public library or establishment. It's a unique reproduction of the friendly cheerful atmosphere of the European tradition of classical chamber concerts in the intimate setting.

Classical music is not an exclusive club. If this snobbism, everyone is welcome to it. We believe that in years gone by classical music, with all its genres, was what rock, pop and modern music is today. The pure joy and excitement of listening to the music has been lost and it has become a somewhat more serious indulgence. Attending classical music performances has become, in many respects, an elitist’s pastime. Cost and to a lesser extent the programming, has detracted from the music being available to the broader community. Generally the audience is required to travel to a Concert Hall or similar venue of an evening, to be suitably attired and understand the etiquette surrounding the performance.

Cappuccino Concerts style offers a rare chance to experience world-renowned ensembles and soloists in a small and intimate venue. The intention is to showcase the best classical music has to offer in the areas of instrumental and chamber concerts and to bring such music to a more diverse and younger audience.


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