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June 4th: “Return to Moscow” The Book Launch Concert.

The Opening Event Concert featuring works by Schostakovitch, Arensky and Prokofiev. Margaret Blades (violin) Louise McKay (Cello) Irina Vasilieva (Piano) in a musical conversation with award winning author Tony Kevin.

The book “Return to Moscow” is a candid, perceptive and sometimes sentimental testimony of a foreigner attached to Russia and its history, culture, music and literature.

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More: In Conversation with Tony Kevin on Return to Moscow


Cappuccino Concerts Australia is entering their seventh season with a Season Opening Concert on Sunday, 26 February. Pencil the date in your diary – we look forward to your company for the opening concert of this season!

Duo Étoile is named after a French word that means "Star", and Perth based notable classical musicians violinist Margaret Blades and pianist Irina Vasilieva are indeed a star team presenting a programme consisting of well-known and beloved violin sonatas by Franz Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven and Claude Debussy.

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Pianists like the Norwegian Aksel Kolstad host shows that fuse stand-up comedy with classical concerts.

Irina Vasilieva, a Russian-born pianist based in Australia, frequently organizes Cappuccino Café concerts in libraries and art galleries in Perth.

..... Even for conservatory-trained musicians, it is hard to find a full-time job, so young musicians are making up their own business plans, figuring out ways to incorporate their love of music with their social media skills and the entrepreneurial start-up/pop-up mentality that is second nature to millennials.

“The classical musicians who have come out of school in the last 10 years are doing it in some capacity no matter what sort of style — straight classical or others,” said Sarah Robinson, a flutist with the Helix Collective in Los Angeles and author of “Clubbing for Classical Musicians.”

“Everyone has done their show in an alternative venue,” she said. “It seems pervasive at this point. I think it is hard to find young music groups that don’t have some contact with it.”

Etienne Abelin, a violinist, composer and conductor who started Ynight — classical mash-up club nights across Switzerland — dates the staid atmosphere of classical concerts back to the late 19th century in Europe.

“Classical music became a way for parts of society to celebrate itself, but it just stayed static ever since,” Mr. Abelin said. “The situation of the concert hall, the silence, the applause, the situation creates an aura of how you listen to music that still today many people appreciate."



A Night Shift performance. Audiences say they like the casual atmosphere of such “classical clubbing” events. Musicians say they like the interaction — and the extra money. Credit Joe Plommer


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Join Linda Barcan and Emma Jayakumar for a special celebration of Art Song! as they stroll down the Lindenstraße and the Great White Way with a selection of songs that will appeal to all tastes, from the Romantic German to the modern American.

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Download your PDF copy of the concert programme HERE

Concert program can be downloaded here or a free printed version is available at the door on the day of the performance.