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Sunday 7th August 2011 3:30pm

We are proud to welcome to our stage at the Bodhi Tree book cafe WASO's principal bass clarinetist musician Alex Millier and WASO's Tutti cellist Eve Silver, who will join the Cappuccino Concerts music director, pianist Irina Vasil’eva for the classical performance at The Bodhi Tree book cafe in Mount Hawthorn.

They will present their favourite three classical pieces:

M.Glinka The Trio Pathétique                     

M.Ravel “Pièce en forme de Habanera”

L.van Beethoven Trio op.11 ’Gassenhauer’


Trio Pathétique

The Trio (which may be played as a conventional piano trio or with clarinet replacing the violin) was composed in 1832. At the time, the 28-year-old Glinka was studying composition at the Milan Conservatory, having travelled to Italy in hopes that the warmer weather would ease his chronic chest condition. He came under the influence of Italian opera composers such as Donizetti and Bellini, which in part explains the character of this peculiarly un-Russian sounding work. As to the title, it is difficult to know whether it might refer to Glinka's daily endurance of the camphorated chest plasters prescribed by his doctors: more plausible, perhaps, is the suggestion that the term "Pathétique" refers to an unrequited romantic attachment. A note on the autograph score reads "I have known love only through the pain it brings," yet the prevailing mood of the work is genial rather than tragic. 

Trio Op.11 ('Gassenhauer')

The finale, a set of variations, is based on the theme of the trio Pria ch'io l'impegno, from Joseph Weigl's opera L'amor marinaro of 1797. Weigl (1766-1846) was a composer and conductor at the Kärntnertor Theater in Vienna. The most sensible tale of the origins of the Trio, Op. 11, is found in Thayer, who suggests that a local clarinetist asked Beethoven to employ the Weigl theme in the finale of the work, as the tune was very popular at the time. The publication, in 1798 by Mollo in Vienna, is dedicated to Countess Maria Wilhelmine von Thun, the mother-in-law of Prince Karl Lichnowsky, one of Beethoven's chief patrons. A contemporary review of the trio notes Beethoven's "unusual harmonic knowledge." 

Price: $25.00
♫ Student rush tickets available at the door to all full time students ♫ Children 5 years and younger are admitted free unless otherwise noted on the concert page ♫ We do not offer refunds or exchanges except in the case of a cancelled concert