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Another year has past and it is now time to start organizing musicians for the 2015 Cappuccino Concerts Series

Dear Colleagues and Musicians,

Another year has past and it is now time to start organizing musicians for the 2015 Cappuccino Concerts Series. The recitals will be hosted by 'The Bodhi Tree' Bookstore CafeĢ which is located on Oxford Street in Mount Hawthorn.

The series will commence in February and will be presented on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday evenings throughout the year. We are now scouting for any musicians who wish to occupy one of these segments.

There will be a grand piano housed at the establishment. Any solo or chamber recitals would be most welcome. Please note that the musician/s will be paid a percentage of the proceeds, therefore it is encouraged that performers promote their event as much as possible. The Cappuccino Concerts series will also promote your performance via online avenues.

In the case that a soloist requires and is unable to secure an accompanist, I may be able to provide my services or at the very least direct you to a suitable associate artist.

The concert series is a great opportunity for either professional musicians or accomplished students to gain stage practice and build on their performance profile. We look forward to seeing you all in the 2015 Concert Season. Email: Twitter: @CappConcerts Facebook: Cappuccino Concerts

Irina Vasileva, The Music Director


I would absolutely love to be involved in your concert series this year!
Looks good. Do people drink coffee while listening to the concerts?
I spent quite a while delving into your website as well and absolutely love the concept of Cappuccino Concerts. I would absolutely love to exhibit at one of your concerts! (I played the piano as a child and regret not finishing doing my exams. I went back to it about seven years ago and did sixth grade but then my teacher moved and I never got around to finishing seventh and eighth grades. I still intend to at some point when life gets a little less busy!)